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Brampton: Patrick Walter Brown, a prominent leader of the Ontario Progressive Conservative (PC) Party in Canada. This Hon’ble Canadian Politician is the 51st and current mayor of Brampton, since 2018. He entered into politics when he won a seat on the Barrie City Council in 2000, later Brown joined the Conservative Party and became the member of the Parliament in 2006. On March 13, 2022, Patrick Brown announced to be the candidate for the Conservative Party of Canada leadership.

Patrick Brown is a charismatic leader who has always maintained a courteous relationship with expats and their countries. His relationship with people of the expat community has been real strong. Brown has been every supportive of all the expat communities in Canada.

Mr. Brown, always counts on the support of Canada’s expat diaspora, his ties with these multi-cultural
Communities are not-so-hidden truth. Mr. Brown, himself says that the Indian politician tells anyone he meets, that this young Canadian politician is his good friend. Mr Brown has visited India 15 times. Mr. Brown considers migrants as the most successful communities– titans in the industry, who own hotels and run big businesses in Canada.

Mr Brown is also a close friend of Mr Kurian Prakkanam, the President of BMS (Brampton Malayalee Samajam), the President of many eminent bodies like the National Federation of Malayalee Association, Canada and several other non-malayalee community organisations too . Mr Brown has visited Kerala-India several times along with Mr Prakkanam to invite the ministers for the Brampton Boat Race.

Mr Kurian says, that Mr Patrick Brown has always been very supportive of all his plans to develop the Malayalee community in Canada. Any community leader can walk-in to his office anytime seeking help and the leader has been generous enough to listen and resolve their queries.

The people of the Malayalam community in Brampton, have always sort the support of Mr Brown and he has been extremely receptive and proactive to their development through the years. This day being his birthday, Mr Prakanam wants to wish Hon’ble Mayor of Brampton Patrick Brown on behalf of all the Malayalees in Canada. Mr Brown is also publicity committee Chairman and advisory committee member of Brampton Boat Race ( Canadian Nehru Trophy ).

Mr Prakkanam also goes on to welcome every community in Brampton, GTA & around Canada, who feels the same about Mr Patrick Brown, to associate with him and be a part of his leadership campaign. You being a part of his campaign would be the greatest gift, that we give Mr Partrick Brown.

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