Canadian Malayalee Excellence Award

Toronto: Art needs no native language to convey itself and no specific society to adopt it. No boundary is high enough to confine art. When art gets its way to glow and grow, everyone from everywhere experiences its supremacy.

India is a land of different cultures and art, and you can see traces of it all over the world. Indian art and culture hold a particular deep place in people’s hearts from all corners of the world. India has many fascinating communities and languages, making it culturally rich. Malayalee is one of those cultures and communities. Malayalee people, with their craft, are earning a name for themselves in their country and worldwide.

Many Indians migrated to Canada to make a living. Now, they are making successful careers in the business, industrial, and entertainment sectors.

Saji Koonayil founder of Keraleeyam Canada

A prime example of this is Saji Koonayil, well-known in Canada. He is a Malayalee born in India but now calls Canada his home. Mr Saji is an exceptional cameraman who has showcased his talent and craft by collaborating with big channels like CBC, ATN, and many others. He has also contributed to the entertainment industry by producing some excellent work. Mr Saji Koonayil founded a show named Keraleeyam Canada – Oru Canadian Malayee Nerkaycha. The aim behind starting this show was to provide entertainment for his Malayalee community living and working in Canada. It has many entertaining segments, such as Vijay Veedhi, Swapanveedu, Ruchikootile Podikootu and so on. 

The Keraleeyam Canada show

The show broadcasts on Omni Channel every Sunday for 30 minutes from 12:30-1:00 pm. The repeat telecast runs on Monday at 02:30 pm and Friday at 03:30 pm. The Omni channel evolved from its flagship station CFMT in Toronto, Canada. Now Rogers Sports and Media is a part of Roger Communications of Toronto own it.

At first, it gained fame under the name MTV. Omni is the first independent, multicultural television network in Canada. And it has been providing entertainment for Canadians for 20 years. Now Mr Saji and the team are releasing the episodes on Keraleeyam Canada YouTube and Facebook pages so audiences worldwide can watch. But, they made this decision only after the show received a great deal of applause and love from the audience of the Malayalee community of Canada.

The show is about to cross the threshold of 100 episodes. And it has been performing well among the Malayalee audience in Canada.

Canadian Malayalee Excellence Award 2022

Mr Saji and his team have decided to honour members of the Malayalee community in Canada. So, he started with the Canadian Malayalee Excellence Award to mark the completion of the 100th episode of the show. The service of these people to the industry is huge. They have entertained the audience with their extraordinary craft and work for many years.

To Nominate:

The nominees are those excelling in business, working for social services, giving exception work in the realms of art and film, reflecting on society through their reporting, and so forth. The best part of this ceremony is that nominations are open to all involved in the fields mentioned above. Whoever finds themselves and their work worthy of the awards can submit their names for it.

If you are an immigrant (not born in Canada) and serving the nation in the following ways, you must get nominated for such a glorious award. To nominate yourself, you can mail the team to the email address to get the enrolment form of nominations. If you are filling out the nomination form, you must submit it by August 31st for award consideration.

The event jury panel will select the top five contenders from among all the names registered as nominees and will announce them in the main event with brief descriptions.

Prize award for winners

Out of the five finalists for the Canada Malayalee Excellence Award, the one who goes to the top 1 will be the winner and receive the prestigious memento of Canada Malayalee Excellence Award and $10,000 in prize money.

Award Ceremony

The grand event will occur at Brampton, Radisson Grand Empire Banquet And Convention Centre ,100 Nexus Ave, Brampton, ON L6P 3R6 on September 25th, 2022. The Presence of many talented and versatile Malayalam actors and celebrities will add more glory to the celebration. Event starts at 6 PM, doors will be open form 5 pm onwards.

The cherry on top is that Indian singer and keyboardist Stephen Devesy, a well-known Malayalam celebrity, will attend the event. He will perform a musical night with his brilliant band at the Canadian Malayalee Excellence Award Ceremony. 

A massive crowd of almost 700 people, including guests, are joining the event. The guestlist includes well-famed public figures and many other famous Canadian celebrities.

Event Tickets

It is possible if you want to be a part of the show and see your favorite celebrity or star. All you need to do is buy your tickets for participation in the event. Use online platforms like Malayalee near me,, Swagatham Canada, etc.

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