Toronto: At some point in your life as a businessperson, you may ponder whether you should buy a house or a car first. Interestingly, this is one of the most contentious disputes available.

There are no conclusive solutions to such questions. It relies on a number of variables, including your financial resources, most immediate needs, and prognosis for the future.


As someone whose decision will have a significant impact on your business, you must evaluate the following factors before deciding whether to buy a car or a house first.


This is the biggest argument in favour of purchasing a home prior to other investments. In reality, this is why the vast majority of specialists in personal finance suggest starting with a property.

Similar to many other types of real estate, the value of a home continues to rise. Despite periodic market fluctuations, the value of houses often increases with each passing year. Consequently, over time, you will accumulate more equity with each mortgage payment you make.

By the time you finish making payments, the value of your home will exceed what you spent for it. Consequently, if it is a company asset, you can anticipate the impact on your balance sheet.

The opposite is true with the automobile. Automobiles are depreciating assets. In addition, the rate of depreciation is notably high. Typically, a brand-new automobile loses 11 percent of its value when it leaves the dealership. After some time, the same automobile will be worth approximately 37% of its initial price.

Even though it is recorded as an asset in the company’s records, its equity continues to decrease as its value inexorably approaches zero.


The upkeep costs for these two assets are distinct. Car maintenance is more expensive than home maintenance.

Houses do not require frequent repairs like cars. Moreover, the majority of home repairs can be completed without expert assistance.

This reduces the cost. The majority of experts place the annual maintenance cost of a home between 1 and 4 percent of the home’s worth.

Additionally, whatever update or improvement you make to your home will be to your benefit. For instance, renovating or enlarging your kitchen or adding an extra bedroom will only raise the value of your home. In other words, every dollar spent on your home is a wise investment.

With automobiles, maintenance costs are higher. For instance, a vehicle must be routinely fueled and maintained.

Furthermore, when a vehicle ages, it becomes a greater liability. Due to wear and tear, you may find yourself spending a lot of money on maintenance, repairs, and replacement of parts.

Furthermore, you cannot recover them later. Worse yet, some enhancements may make it more difficult to sell your vehicle when the time comes.

If you must borrow money from your firm in order to retain these assets, it is clear which option will harm your balance sheet the most.


A home is a means of accumulating long-term wealth. First, with a home, you can pull equity out of the property and use that money for other purposes.

For instance, if your firm need expansion funding, you need go no farther than your home. In fact, you can use that money to purchase a vehicle if one becomes an absolute need. Therefore, it makes logical to purchase a home initially because to its potential.

Additionally, there are numerous lucrative ways to create revenue from a home. Today, for instance, you can make money by utilising the short-term rental market. You can list your home on services like Airbnb and earn substantial profits. With this new source of income, you may pay off your mortgage and retain some funds to maintain yourself and your business.

As a depreciating asset, a car’s revenue potential is smaller than that of a home. You can, for instance, join ride-sharing and taxi-hailing services such as Uber. However, this will only result in short-term profits. However, as the vehicle matures, you may discover that maintenance costs increase.


Before deciding what to purchase first, you must first consider the following.

Exist superior alternatives?

Before purchasing a home or vehicle, you can determine whether there are superior options. For instance, is it easier to rent business space or live with relatives as opposed to purchasing a home? Or, is it preferable to purchase a home and begin paying your own mortgage rather than pay rent on someone else’s property?

It is essential to realise that an automobile provides mobility and convenience. These are essential elements for a businessperson. However, the rise of ride-sharing and taxi-hailing services such as Uber has created more affordable and convenient alternatives. You can still employ them for tasks such as delivering packages and transporting supplies.


Prior to entering into any financial commitment, you must determine how it will affect your liquidity and that of your organisation. For instance, a home demands a larger down payment than a car. Additionally, purchasing a home may involve entering into a long-term financial commitment that may take several years to complete. Can you accomplish this?

Buying an automobile, on the other hand, is a shorter and less daunting financial commitment. And you do not need a substantial amount of cash to purchase a vehicle. In some instances, it is even possible to pay it off fully at once. But will it be beneficial to your business?


Consider your credit score while determining whether you should buy a house or a car initially. As with the majority of individuals, this is the case if you intend to finance the purchase of your home or vehicle. It is essential to evaluate your credit score.

Can it help you achieve your goals? To get qualified for a mortgage loan, for instance, you need an excellent credit score.

In contrast, obtaining an auto loan is considerably simpler. If your credit score is not high enough to qualify for a mortgage, you may begin by obtaining a car loan to improve your credit rating.

A good credit score is essential for business owners since it enables them to obtain financing. Additionally, a stronger credit score makes it easier to purchase a home.

Again, whatever you decide to do, base your choice on cold, hard facts and not on your emotions. The decision you make should have a favourable impact on your personal and professional life.

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